Grocery Saving

Grocery Shopping Saving

Saving money on grocery shopping can be done without the daunting coupon clipping.  I have tried a number of times to clip coupons for savings, and quite honestly, the loss of time to pursue this method of savings never seems to be made up for in the savings I recover.   I find that buying store brand or off=name products yields similar, if not better, quality and saves far more than the coupon offered.

  • I first go to Aldi and try to buy everything I possibly can there. Their quality often surpasses other store brands and costs significantly less.  Without a doubt, I often save $20 per week by shopping at Aldi first.  Aldi is comparable to Trader Joe’s from what I am told.
  • Once I buy every possible thing I can there, I hit a local meat market. The meat is much better quality than most chain grocers and often significantly less.  Example: boneless, skinless chicken breast is often $1.79-1.99 per pound, whereas typical grocery stores charge more than $4 per pound for the same.  I buy in bulk and freeze in meal portions.  This easily saves me $10 per week if not more.  My daughter, who doesn’t have easy access to a meat market buys most of her meat at Aldi and swears by the quality.  I have purchased a vac-packed whole tenderloin around the holidays.  The beef was USDA Prime and was $5 per pound less than the discounted prices offered at the local grocer.
  • Finally, I hit my local grocer for whatever is left on the list. Now I know many would say to hit a big-box store for household goods or the other remaining items.  But I have found that if I obtain everything from Aldi and or my local grocery chain, I often spend less.  Those big-box stores have a way of sapping me for extra things that I’ve somehow mentally convinced myself that I MUST HAVE.

You can see that by just swapping out my local grocery chain for Aldi and a meat market (or meats at Aldi), I am saving $30+ per week.  $1,560 per year to put into a savings account.  But I have to be disciplined.  If I don’t get cash back at purchase on my estimated savings, I make a note in my phone and transfer the money weekly.  But, I really (really) try to get the cash and take it right to the bank.

One thing I haven’t dabbled in too much is ordering household goods and just having them delivered.  I’m tinkering with that idea thinking that it may be a valuable way to not be tempted into additional purchases, not to mention it is time saving and easy on the schedule.

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