Welcome!  I’m so glad you dropped by.  You’ll quickly find that I am not a  professional writer, financial advisor, or independently wealthy.  What I am is a middle-aged wife and mother who, along with my husband, is trying to find a path to retirement.  My hope is that my ideas and plans for being able to retire comfortably somewhat early or at least on time initiate ideas from others that I  can share as well.

Let me start by telling you that we both are in our late 40’s (46 & 49…with a new year barreling down the tracks toward us).  We both are gainfully employed and have employer sponsored 401k plans.  We have a child that just graduated with their undergrad degree (Bachelors) and is continuing on to grad school.  Four years ago we were not setting enough aside to consider retirement before full retirement age (67).  But we’ve taken a  few steps and in just four years, we’ve greatly increased our chances of retiring at 59 and 62 (my husband is 3 years older than me).

First, we did not completely pay for our child’s education.  She had to obtain student loans for the difference in our provided support and scholarships.  Partly because we felt she needed to  be invested in her education and partially because we couldn’t live bare bones for four years.  We work hard and didn’t need added pressure and also wanted a little extra money to be able to relax.

Another step we took:  Two years ago we sought out the advice of a financial planner.  It took a little to convince my husband.  His philosophy was, “let’s wait until we have a little more extra cash”.  My philosophy…if we  wait until we have extra cash, we’ll never have extra cash. So…needless to say, we journeyed down that road.

In the future, I’ll dig a little deeper into education versus retirement and using the guidance of a financial planner.  Each subject is well worth more discussion.

I hope this blog generates a FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) in each of my readers and that you will comment or email any little tips that have been successful for you.  As an open community blog, I think that everyone will find some little nugget that will help improve their chances of financial health.

Come back often!

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